Oil spills and environmental non-compliance, preserved areas trespassing and illegal fishing, iceberg drifts and ice traps are just some of the daily sea problems.

The Sea Portal

The Sea Portal is a set of geo-services for online monitoring of navigational, engineering, technical and environmental safety of offshore facilities and water areas ensuring proper assessment of sea events and providing prompt response. The geo-services use their own technologies of processing and interpretation of real-time satellite data, modeling algorithms and AIS data of the world’s leading suppliers.

Monitoring of navigation and ship situation

Navigation and ship monitoring services help to control navigation in the selected area, to prevent trespassing of protected areas, to receive reports on ship movements and to search disabled vessels based on satellite data.

Monitoring of selected vessels      Tracking vessels on the interactive map
History of the selected vessel traffic
Notifying on the selected vessel traffic (email, SMS) 
Мониторинг судоходства 
в районе интереса    
Tracking all vessels in the selected area on the interactive map
History of vessels traffic in the selected area
Instant alerting of the vessel trespassing the facility (e-mail, SMS) 
Поиск судна по снимкам Locating a vessel based on the satellite data
Weather monitoring
Air temperature, wind speed and direction in the selected area according to public records

Monitoring of the water area environment

Services for monitoring the water area environment ensure fast detection of film pollution as well as its natural and man-made sources.

Film Pollution Report        

Daily reports on film pollution in the selected area.

If pollution is detected, the following should be determined: 

  • list, location and size of spots;
  • model of the spot drift before the previous survey and for the next day;
most probable source.
Display of pollutions found, their drift models and potential sources on the interactive map
Man-Made Pollution Analytical Report 
Weekly, monthly or annual analytical report on detection of probable man-made pollution in the selected area based on daily, weekly or monthly reports

Monitoring of the water area ice condition (on request)

Monitoring of the water area ice condition allows to control the safety of vessels and facilities under severe ice conditions and to track iceberg movement.

Real-time data from the Sea Portal services is available at the ScanEx Web GeoMixer® cloud technology-based web interface ensuring its easy analysis and interpretation.

Atomflot Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Lukoil, Gazpromneft-Sakhalin LLC, a number of nature reserves and other organizations use the Sea Portal.

If you want to purchase our services or have any questions about sea areas monitoring please email us at help@kosmosnimki.ru