Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue is an interactive catalogue to search for and order satellite images based on set parameters containing data from all major commercial satellite systems.

The Online Catalogue includes both archived and real-time images, providing access to the end product based on satellite data as a single orthotransformed mosaic coverage.

Images can be searched for in the catalogue based on several parameters:

Upon entering the appropriate parameters, the service searches for the required image, and the results appear on the map. The designated area displays the image frame meeting the search criteria. Users can browse the smaller web version of the image (so-called quick-look) or more images to estimate their overlapping. If necessary, use the help or the example search. The service also allows for ranking of the quick-look images list by map, satellite, stereo pair, shooting angle inclination, cloudiness, or shooting period. Users can also download the image outlines with a full set of metadata in a standard vector format (.shp, .tab, etc.) and access links to geo-referenced quick-looks.

Online Catalogue is:

a common space for data selection from the major commercial satellite systems;
a convenient parameter hierarchy;
a friendly and intuitive interface: even a user unfamiliar with the basic characteristics and parameters of satellite data can understand and find the necessary information in the directory;
a tool ensuring availability of all required search results, as well as quick-looks with a full set of metadata in the vector form;
a tool giving you an option to save order history and compilation results in the form of an interactive link.

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